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Firstly, aliexpress will take 24 hours to confirm your payment. After that, we will ship out the hair within next 24 hours (Sunday, national or traditional holidays are exceptional)

PROCESSING TIME is 48 hours and no later than 72 hours usually.

Delivery Time Reference:

Order on Monday, u can expect the hair on Friday normally;

Order on wed, u can expect the hair on Monday next week normally;

Order on Friday, u can expect it on wed next week normally;

Whole delivery takes 3~5 WORK days By UPS normally!!!

UPS Delay happens, estimate date just for reference!!!

Work Time:

Monday ~ Friday | Rest on Sunday

Beijing: 9:00am-6:00pm | New York: 9:00pm-6:00am

California: 6:00pm-3:00am | London/Nigeria: 2:00am-11:00am

Saturday Work Time: 9:00am-12:00am (Beijing Time) 3 hours

The UPS service is not available on Sunday in China. And we will ship it out on Monday next week instead.

We DO NOT offer overnight shipping by far!


For security concern:

>> Please don't use any POX. box address, package may be lost.

>> Please use Physical address, and make sure there is someone there sign for the package, "Leave at door" package may lost at high risk.

>>We will recommend u leave your phone No. for UPS to contact.

Due to the security issue is getting more and more severe in some area, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for package lost in these cases:

a. Shipping address is not clear or wrong, UPS won't be able to find it.

b. Nobody be able to sign for the package and UPS leave at door, package stolen

c. Signed by someone else you don't know which means malicious stolen

We will be RESPONSIBLE for these circumstances and full refunding:

a. We put the wrong address which didn't match ur given address

b. UPS delivery to another wrong address instead of ur given address.


Before the sign, please open the package to inspect with UPS delivery man stands by, if we send wrong item please refuse to sign and contact us. We will verify the package item by our records and UPS official weight data.

CORRECT & SAFE shipping address is very important since Security problem is getting worse in some area. It’s customer’s duty to guarantee the safe shipping address for parcel. Please notice these conditions in advance. It will be benefit for both buyer and seller!!!

QWB Eight Texture

Lace Closure

Frontal & Silk Base Closure

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