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The History of 101 HAIR CARE

Zhangguang / Beijing 101 Hair Loss Treatment products were developed by the world famous and award winning dermatologist,
Dr. Zhao Zhangguang. With the miraculous effect of Dr. Zhao’s hair growth tonics, he is well known in The Republic of China as the
‘Hair Lotion King’.

In 1986, the inventor, Dr. Zhao, integrated the Chinese traditional herbal cures with modern medicine production technologies.
Zhangguang / Beijing 101 has evolved itself by adopting the world’s state-of-art scientific technologies SCET (Super Critical Extraction Technology); ensuring the maximum amount of effective elements of herbal materials are extracted and measured.

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The Reputation of 101 HAIR CARE

"Why Zhangguang / Beijing 101 brand is so deeply rooted in peoples' minds & of enormously wide appeal since its invention in 1974? Why 101 has long been the focus of both national & international media?” It is because…"

The reputation of Zhangguang / Beijing 101 was amassed from the 10,000 clients being cured from the hair loss & baldness problems. From 1974-2000, Dr. Zhao’s hair growth tonic has reached more than 60 countries all over the world, with 7,883,656* clients being cured around the world. The brand Zhangguang / Beijing 101 has become world famous; with the nickname of ‘Oriental Magic Liquid’ by westerners. Besides, Zhangguang / Beijing 101 has also won over 10 medals in acknowledged international invention fair and exhibition.

101 Products Series

Zhangguang 101 Formula: This product can expand the capillary vessel of scalp; noticeably increase the blood flow around the hair follicles, relieve the blood-supply obstruction of hair mammilla; active the masters cells of hair growth; shorten the abnormal rest period of hairs and promote the regrowth of hair... 101 Hair Follicle Nourishing Tonic: It has extremely strong permeability to hair follicles, producing directly effects on master cells of hair, improving and consolidating the hair growth function of master cells ceaselessly, which plays the role of orientation and nature-determination for the restoration of hair follicles... Zhangguang 101F Hair Tonic: External use of this product can improve the blood circulation of scalp. In addition, it can supply ample nutrition to the master cells while preventing hair loss. Accordingly, it has effect on nourishing hair, ameliorating hair quality and improving hair regrowth. This product is mainly applicable...
Zhangguang 101G Hair Tonic: External use of this product can reduce the secretion of grease; improve the physiologic condition of hair follicles, and boost master cells to renew their hair regrowth function to regrow hair. This product is mainly suitable for the people of seborrheic alopecia in the middle or... Zhangguang 101B Formula: Invented by Mr. Zhao Zhangguang, a noted expert in hair regrowth, hair care, hair beauty and skin care, and the winner of 11 international gold medals, this product is refined from various valuable Chinese herbal medicines through scientific method such as white peony root, tall... Zhangguang 101 Hair Regain Tonic: The product can make the follicles gain ample nourishment. Meanwhile, it can restrain the over-secretion of sebaceous gland and accelerate blood circulation of scalp. As a result, trichomadesis can be controlled speedily and hair can grow rapidly. This product is...

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Zhangguang 101D Fabao: This product through scientific method, is refined from various valuable Chinese herbal medicines such as Ginseng, Notoginseng, The Tuber of Multiflower Rnotweed, Radix Astragali, and Safflower Oil. Their unique nutritious elements can nourish hair, and ameliorate dry, forked and... 101 Hair Nutritive Essence: Containing hair nourishing and hair-care elements extracted from natural plants, this product can nourish hair deeply, balance the grease secretion of hair, and ameliorate the withered and yellow hair effectively. In addition, it can relieve itch, scurf and grease, and help the growth of hair... 101 Hair Treatment Essence: Processed in scientific method, the product presents to be a light brown transparent gel with smell of elegant and faint scent. Containing hair regrowth and nutritious elements extracted from natural plants, this product can nourish hair deeply; balance the grease secretion of hair...
101 Hair Shedding Proof Shampoo: This product is carefully selected by Dr. Zhao Zhangguang, the famous dermatologist who composes Natural Herbs and prepare in a scientific way. It can prevent hair loss through nourishing the hair follicle. Regular use of the product can maintain your hair naturally... 101 Nourishing Shanpoo (oil-controlling): Zhangguang 101 Nourishing Shanpoo (oil-controlling) is special developed by Zhangguang 101 for greasy hair daily care. This shampoo contains botanic oil-controlling essence such as liquorice, and Europe horse chestnut which can effectively remove the surplus grease on... Zhangguang 101E Acne Getaway: Invented by Mr. Zhao Zhangguang, Partially appling this product can control hypersecretion of sebaceous glad: dredge pores: kill bacteria and remove acne without any scar and pigment, enabling skin to become bright, fine and smooth. It has special effect for acne...

Hair Regrowth


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Thanks for understanding, if have any questions, you can leave us a message or send an Email to us.

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101b 2 Hair Toniererc

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