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Top Selling High Reputation Painting Gel, Gel Polish Shellac, Extending Builder Gel
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Company Information
Guangzhou CANNI Nail Art Co., Ltd is a professional MANUFACTURER for nail art products since 2007. CANNI factory locates in Guangzhou City with over 900 square plant area and certified by BV & ALIBABA SUPPLIER ASSESSMENT, we approved new GMP standard workshop in 2017. CANNI focus on R&D of nail art products with our own brand “CANNI”, “GDCOCO” and "VENALISA" for main products: Primer, Base Coat, Topcoat, Chameleon/Cat Eye Gel Polish, Painting Gel, Extending Nail Builder Gel, 3D gel etc. All products are provided MSDS/ SGS/ REACH/ CPNP certificate. CANNI company will insist on principle of "Good quality and competitive price" to provide professional service /products for customers all over the world. Looking forward to cooperate with you for wholesale/agent/OEM business!
Any further inquiry, please contact our sales Manager: Ms. Helen, Whatsapp:+8613480255980 Email: sh@canni.cc ---- ^_^ Thanks in advance!

  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Arab
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Holland
  • Vietnam
CANNI-V6 Products Category
  • Primer No Acid

  • Base Coat Rubber

  • Topcoat Rubber

  • Topcoat Non-cleansing

  • Topcoat Matte

  • Topcoat Magnetic Cat Eye

2. Gel Nail Polish

  • CANNI 7.3ml Gel Polish

  • VENALISA Gel Polish 7.5ml

  • VENALISA Gel Polish 12ml

  • CANNI 15ml Gel Polish

  • Thermal Color Changing Gel Polish

  • 3D Cat Eye Magnetic Gel Polish

Painting Color Gel

  • LED Paint Gel 141 Colors

  • UV Paint Pure Color Gel

  • 3D Sculpture Modelling Gel

  • 3D Gemstone Gel

  • 3D Emboss Gel

  • LED Nail Glitter Starry Gel

4. Extending Builder Gel

  • Camouflage UV Builder Jelly Gel

  • LED Builder Hard Jelly Gel

  • UV Builder Gel 15ml

  • UV Builder Gel 30ml

6. Raw Material of Nail Gel

  • UV Builder Gel 1kg

  • Normal Topcoat 1kg

  • No Sticky Topcoat 1kg

  • Rubber Base Coat 1kg

  • Rubber Topcoat 1kg

  • LED Builder Hard Jelly Gel 1kg

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